Involve Decoder Evaluation Kit


This decoder developer board demonstrates the amazing power of the Involve decode in a no-frills, compact PCB form factor, suitable for hobbyists and enthusiasts, or professionals who are looking to evaluate the best stereo to surround extractor available for their own products or licensing. This unit decodes from all stereo sources, including existing stereo, other compatible down-mixes, and of course the Involve Standard and Smart encoding systems, both of which can be evaluated with the Encoder Evaluation module. This unit decodes into 4 channels, but with the addition of the daughter board, will also process into 5.1 if required.

The board requires 9V 1.55A DC power supply – any suitable supply with a 2.1mm jack can be used, or one can be purchased for an additional $10.

This product is now out of stock. Look out for a design refresh coming in 2023.

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Power requirements: 9VDC 1.66A power supply
Input / Output: unbalanced RCA
Signal level: 3.3V peak
Frequency Response: 20Hz-22KHz