Involve Encoder Evaluation Kit


For content creation, this module allows the mixing of 4 or 5 channels into a two channel signal that is completely stereo compatible. The standard Involve encode system is on the board, as well as the Involve Smart encode, which listens to the content in real-time and places the audio in a more intelligent way, so as to ensure the best quality stereo image output, while maintaining the same incredible levels of separation. Use of the encoder is free for non-commercial releases, providing the release is accompanied by the Involve Logo. Contact us for creator artwork.

The board requires 9V 1.55A DC power supply – any suitable supply with a 2.1mm jack can be used, or one can be purchased for an additional $10.

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Power requirements: 9VDC 1.66a power supply
Input / Output: unbalanced RCA
Signal level: 3.3V peak
Frequency Response: 20Hz-22KHz

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