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Y4 Professional Hi-Fi System (Compact)

Original price was: $6,995.00.Current price is: $3,900.00.

Surround Master V3


Out of stock

Amp Master – 6 Ch

Original price was: $695.00.Current price is: $545.00.

10 in stock

Involve Decoder Evaluation Kit


Out of stock

Decoder Evaluation 5.1 upgrade board


46 in stock

Involve Encoder Evaluation Kit


28 in stock


Power requirements: 9VDC 1.66a power supply Input / Output: unbalanced RCA Signal level: 3.3V peak Frequency Response: 20Hz-22KHz

Power Supply for Evaluation modules


17 in stock


9VDC 1.66A 120-240V, 50-60Hz input  

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