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Below you will find reviews, press articles & media produced mainly focussed around the Involve Decode technology.

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The following reviews were unsolicited and are the opinions of the reviewers. Involve Audio wishes to thank our past and future reviewers for their honest and unbiased opinions. Follow the links below to read the reviews.

Quadraphonic Quad Forum

Quadraphonic Quad Forum on Involve Audio

Stereonet – 2015 – Surround Master

Gadget Review – 2013 – Surround Master

Audiophile Audition – 2013 – Surround Master

Audiokarma – 2013 – Surround Master

Kalus Hönemann - email to Involve Audio

Hi David,

I set a link from my homepage to your homepage and a little review. In 2013 we tested the Surround Master by Dietrich Räsch’s quad system in Hamburg.

The Surround Master against Fosgate’s Tate II in SQ and against Sansui’s QSD1 in Surround. The Surround Master wins both tests. There is a little review of this test on my site.

Best regards, Klaus Hönemann


Videos & Interviews demonstrating Involve Audio Technologies

Audio Engineering Society – Melbourne Section discussion with our CTO Charlie

Charlie our CTO to gives a presentation to the Audio Engineering Society on Involve Audio’s work on modern surround audio encoding and decoding and speaker design. Link below.
From Loudspeakers to Listeners (Charlie Van Dongen) | Audio Engineering Society – Melbourne Section (

Involve Audio Technology discussion with Dwight Shultz

by Dwight Shultz (Captain ‘Howling Mad’ Murdock in The A Team and Lieutenant Reginald ‘Reg’ Barclay in Star Trek: The Next Generation) and well known audio aficionado! | “If you are in search of the perfect four channel synthesizer, this is it! I don’t believe there is anything better!”

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