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Our technologies are the culmination of over 10 years of research, development and above all creative, innovative thinking. Featured in our products, the technologies are also available for license and can be implemented for use in all areas of the audio industry.

Involve Decode

True Surround Sound from all Stereo sources

Involve Decode is a patented universal surround sound decode technology that decodes any stereo source. This means listeners using a system with Involve Decode™ installed experience a fully enveloping surround sound from all existing stereo formats, from CD & DVD to radio & TV, to the internet, with no fear of incompatibility with current stereo and surround equipment.

Involve Decode can be implemented in any device, such as an A/V receiver, TV, car head unit, mixing desk, wi-fi media player or any other audio device. For current systems and installations an Involve Decode unit can be connected to output surround sound.

Involve Encode

Universal stereo & surround audio format

Involve Encode is an immersive, natural and true to intent universal stereo down-mix and matrix-encode in the one format that works across all devices. Working with any stereo container or medium (MP3, FLAC, AAC, LP, CD, Radio etc.) and standard audio device, Involve Encode can be transmitted and listened to in stereo with existing equipment and in pure surround sound through systems equipped with Involve Decode.

Involve Encode does not compromise in quality or loss of sound stage, making it an ideal stereo and surround format for CD, DVD, Bluray and digital high quality music and movies. Involve Encode is not bandwidth dependent and enables surround sound tracks to be transmitted in low bandwidth media such as FM/Digital Radio, TV, Youtube or Spotify.


  • One single universal stereo track for both stereo and surround mixes
  • Simplifies the down-mix process, eliminating time spent creating a separate stereo mix

Sweet Spot Technology

Accurate Sound Stage – everywhere

Sweet Spot Technology provides a system that corrects the stereo or surround sound image, so that every person in the audience perceives an accurate sound-stage, with audio placements being consistent for every listener relative to where they are sitting. The system is scalable to any room or concert size and market.

For TV, Automotive Audio, Concerts and Shows this means that people sitting to the side of a room still receive complete stereo sound and for Cinemas, Home Theatres and Events this means people sitting on the side, or at the front or back still receive full surround sound.


  • Sweet Spot Technology is NOT a new format. Stereo, Dolby®, DTS or any other sound format or system will benefit from its use.
  • It is not room dependent and does not require a center speaker.
  • Sweet Spot can used almost anywhere. In cinemas, it solves the issue of everyone having to sit in the middle to get a decent sound. It also reduces or eliminates completely the requirements for side speakers so often found in modern cinemas.
  • Corrects image shift to unoticeable levels

Electrostatic Speakers

Clarity & Performance

Involve Audio’s advanced Electrostatic Speaker technology delivers incredibly rich and detailed sound. With their thinness and transparency our Electrostatic Speakers are stunning to look at and can stand out as a feature piece or fade into the background.


  • As thin as 3mm
  • Extremely low distortion <0.1% THD
  • 30Hz – 30kHz dependant on size and configuration
  • Full electronic implementation provided

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