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The Y4 Professional Hi-Fi System is the culmination of 6 years of research and development to produce a sound system for the modern world.
It will enhance any listening experience and produces the very best sound possible from your television , DVD/CD player, iPod, games player or any other stereo device




“The sound from this speaker was absolutely UNREAL and nothing like I’ve ever heard before! Although I was listening to it on a semi-open area on the deck, the sound circulation was amazing and felt like it was coming from every direction. It’s astounding how you can clearly hear each instrument individually. This is absolutely the product to own, highly recommend it.”

– Hasmat Najib, Melbourne

“(I) heard sounds in various artists’ recordings that I didn’t realise were even there. Amazing clarity and sound quality! This is how musicians wanted you to hear their music.”

– Jason King, Victoria

“Incredible sound and something I’ve never experienced before. Could hear the layering of the instruments fluently and straight up blew me away. Definitely recommend The Y4 and very excited to see these guys shake up the industry.”

– Chris Gordes, Victoria

“With the Y4 the music is suddenly everywhere, nothing like the surround sound I grew up with in the 80s. I’ve been listening to old tracks and getting blown away by how much music went missing in the stereo format. This amazing tech fixes all that.”

– Roy Fleming, Victoria

“We had the privilege of having the first Y4 set up at home. We had a Dark Side of The Moon session and WOOHOO it is amazing! The clarity, hearing sounds I’d vaguely heard clearly for the first time in literally decades of listening, the sweet spot anywhere in our lounge, the surround depth was/is inspiring, moving and wonderful.”

– Robert Coller, Victoria

“All the music came with excellent presence and on many occasions, sounds appeared which had not been apparent before. The piano and guitar sounded like they were in the room and the clapping from a live audience seemed to move around the room.”

– Fred Sullivan, Victoria

“I thoroughly enjoyed the play around between the speakers with clarity and especially the atmospheric nature of the music. This listening experience was something incomparable. I certainly felt in a completely different and far superior space.”

– Souil, Melbourne

“Going through all my old favourite songs on the Y4 has been an amazing experience, it’s like listening to them for the first time, I’m hearing instruments and vocals that I’ve never heard before. The sounds you hear in some of Michael Jackson’s songs are mind-blowing … he would have been thrilled that we can now hear some of the genius he actually recorded that was lost when played on other audio systems.”

– Jen Dentoom, Melbourne


Listening to your favourite tracks on the Y4 will give you a similar experience as listening to them live at a concert; every instrument, every voice, and every percussive sound is heard and nothing is lost. On tv you can hear the footsteps running right beside you, vehicles coming at you from behind and the faintest of sounds like a bird in a tree. or the rustling of the leaves in the distance.


Involve Surround takes your music, films and other audio tracks, listens to them in real-time and sends them out in Surround sound to the speakers in the direction they were originally recorded from.  This means that you hear the sounds individually like you would if you were listening to them live.  Normally sounds are all bunched up into stereo; all the instruments, voices and sound effects are grouped together into 2 tracks which go to the left and right speakers.  Because of this you lose many less dominant sounds and voices as they are overpowered by the more dominant sounds.


No longer is there a race for the perfect seating position. Involve Audio’s Sweet Spot Technology allows you to listen to a full, rich and accurate sound stage wherever you are sitting. This translates across all sizes, from your living room to a full blown cinema.

Because of the way sound waves are projected from normal speakers, only the person sitting in the centre of the room hears a balance of all the sounds (the sweet spot).  Sitters to the left and right of the room will hear more of some sounds and less of others depending on their position to the speakers.  The Y4 Creates a stable, holographic audio image so that every person in the room is in the “Sweet spot”. 

Y Speakers

For 80 years the concept of the electrostatic speaker that has no magnets, coils and heavy cones was a distant dream of the audiophile but somehow never achievable due to difficulties in manufacture, high cost, low output and huge size.

The team at Involve Audio have refined the electrostatic speaker and produced a bookshelf sized, lightweight, low cost, ultra low distortion, high output, semi “see through”, 5 mm thick speaker. A feature of the technology is virtually zero box resonance and colouration.

Involve Sonic Woofer

The Y Speakers require an equally powerful, detail rich, smooth and transient woofer to match.

The discreet design of our Sonic Woofers allow them to blend into your room while providing the most liquid of bass responses. Their dual internal woofer design gives them a fast response with high stability. Two woofers per Y4 system gives verisatility and enough kick to match your room.

What's Included

Involve Y4 Amplifier
Power Supply | with region specific cable
2x FL/RR Y Speakers
2x FR/RL Y Speakers
2x Woofers

Y Speaker Cables | 2 x 3m, 2 x 15m
Woofer Cables | 3m, 15m
Optical Cable
HDMI Cable

Remote Control
HMDI Converter | with required cables

Quick Start Guide



2x RCA Unbalanced
3.5mm Stereo jack input
Bluetooth | with NFC pairing
2x Optical


4x Y Speakers | FL, FR, RL, RR
2x Configurable Woofer | Mono, Stereo, Front+Rear

Stereo Pre-out RCA
Subwoofer Stereo Line-out RCA


HDMI Converter

Allows connection to HDMI ARC
Optical Output to Y4
HDMI IN/OUT with audio passthrough


10 Channel Class-D Amplifier
650W RMS | 65W per channel
Sift Clip

Processing Sample Rate

24-bit 48kHz | real-time zero delay processing

Frequency response

Speakers | 40hz – 20KHz
Stereo Pre-out | 20Hz – 20kHz
Subwoofer out | 20Hz – 220Hz


165 x 190 x 58 mm (WxDxH)


Amplifier | Powder Coated Aluminium & Steel Case
Y Speakers | Premium Laminated Ply & PMMA
Woofer | Aluminium Composite Panel

Output Modes

Stereo + SST
Involve Surround
Involve Surround + SST


Involve Surround
Sweet Spot Technology (SST)
Involve Electrostatic Speakers
Involve Sonic Woofer Technology

What they’re saying about the Y4

9 reviews for Y4

  1. Warren

    I purchased a Y2 for my study and a Y4 for my living room around 3 years ago. I’m not technical, just love my music and use both systems every day of the week.
    I run the music through Tidal Hi Fi streaming through a Bluesound node media player.
    Love the system, love the clarity that comes from electrostatics.. For minimal cost I basically have the best quality music that anyone could wish for as a home personal system. As has been written elsewhere, the sweet spot works beautifully, the smaller speakers in comparison with traditional electrostatics, avoids it being a bit of an eyesore. Movies also come alive. The only upgrade I will ever make is future changes that Involve make.

  2. Michael van den Brink

    I had the privilege of a personal demonstration of the Y4. Forget any preconceived ideas you may have. Imagine the most immersive audio experience you’ve had. Now imagine being able to focus on each instrument; each lyric and each drum beat in absolute clarity. It’s like sound doesn’t have a source; it’s as if it emanates out of the ether occupied by the sound gods. Simple Stereo sound is primitive by comparison.

  3. Siuol, Melbourne

    Today I had the pleasure of visiting Charlie (chuky3042) and listening to some of what is working on. (Please note that I am not technically minded and consequently not a great contributor to this site, but I have kept checking on the happenings through the years. The reason being, is that I have very much liked the Involve technology and I listen to it in stereo mode. I have pair of Nakamichi Dragon electrostatic speakers developed by these guys and use HD downloads through a DAC. The Involve technology brings out a level of detail and a central feel of the musicians which has always made it a must use. I also have been amazed by the lack of true negative feedbacks from this site, it is the opposite, the feedbacks are always very positive and supportive.)
    Charlie showed me around, introduced me to the staff and Dave (Overture), we also had a look at the factory downstairs including all the Y4 packaging which apparently arrived.
    I listened Suzanne Ciani’s Live Quadraphonic in Dave’s office sitting at his desk. I like classical music and did not know too much how this piece of music should sound. After listening, I unquestionably thoroughly enjoyed the play around between the speakers with clarity and specially the atmospheric nature of the music. This listening experience was something incomparable. I certainly felt in a completely different and far superior space.
    We proceeded to listen to the Y4 with a CD player attached. We listened to Pink Floyd’s Money and another piece of rock music played in a pub. I like Pink Floyd. The Y4 are real, they pushed the music with strength, accuracy and even greater depth and presence as a I tried to describe above. With the piece of rock, you could really feel being in the pub with the voices from the crowd around you. I also moved around the room and the listening experience was excellent (no fixation on the sweet spot). It all got me thinking. My current set up works well for chamber music, but could it be better and what about the concert hall feel, how much could it be improved?
    I can see the Y4 are certainly adding a new dimension to music listening, especially when one can use existing recordings and transform them for such a greater experience.

  4. Raymon Wright

    Having recently purchased the Involve Y4-1 system I was interested to see how well it performed. The first few days were spent shifting the speaker positions around trying to figure out the most suitable arrangement for the room. Once that was fairly settled, all the speaker cables were connected, which proved to be relatively straight forward, and the system powered up. I have been playing CDs with different types of music, including – Irish, James Last big band, live concerts with pianos and guitars- classical including a choir, solo instrumentals and of course the 1812 overture. A couple of DVDs have also been viewed – one involving brass bands – the other a documentary on the Battle of Britain.

    All the music came with excellent presence and on many occasions, sounds appeared which had not been apparent before. The piano and guitar sounded like they were in the room and the clapping from a live audience seemed to move around the room – even had someone yell out over my left shoulder. Sounds from the orchestra and bands made it feel as though I was sitting inside the group. The Battle of Britain documentary centred mainly around the Spitfire – the sound of a Merlin engine moving between speakers, then a small period recorded from the cockpit where the chop of the propeller could be clearly heard, was most impressive.

    I think it has taken some time to fully appreciate what the system can do, but well worth it.

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