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Perfect Surround for All

For those of us who love music, movies, TV or sound of any kind. A minimalist design with no excessive features makes setup simple and easy.


Patents & Licensing

Involve Audio’s advanced technologies are patented and are available for licensing.

  • Involve Decode
  • Involve Encode
  • Sweet Spot Technologies
  • Electrostatic Speakers

State of the Art Technology

Whether you’re listening to your old LP’s, CD’s, Tapes, videos, CD’s, DVD’s or from your TV, phone or other digital source, the Involve Decode will faithfully reproduce a surround experience like you’ve never heard before, be it personal or professional application.

By Sound Enthusiasts for Sound Enthusiasts

We at Involve Audio love sound and our vision is of a world where the highest quality sound is possible from the widest range of sources. We pride ourselves on our engineering, design, and manufacture. These are the products and technologies we want most to see in the world.


The Ultimate Sound System Upgrade

True surround sound from all your favourite tracks & easy integration into your system, the Surround Master V3 listens to your music like you listen to the world and opens up a whole new listening experience.


Designed for the Creators

For those in the film and music industry, the Involve Encoder Module is the best way to perform your stereo down-mix. The simplest way to finish your perfect surround sound mix for the stereo world.

Made for the Makers

The Involve Decoder Evaluation module will show you how you can integrate Involve Decode into your next product, be it for home Hi-Fi, large scale concerts or cinemas. Contact us for an evaluation kit and full engineering support on how we can implement the Involve Decode into your system.

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