The Akoustos™ Y2 Home Stereo System

Akoustos-Home-Stereo-System (1)

The basic building block of good sound is a simple stereo system, and Involve has upped the ante in this market with the Akoustos™ Y2 Home Stereo System with Sonic ESP™

The overriding principle behind all Involve Audio products is to improve the listener’s sound experience, and the Akoustos™ Y2 Home Stereo System certainly does this. For those who want to add a extraordinary stereo system to a living space, bedroom or office, this system sets a new benchmark for great sound while enhancing the beauty of the space.

The speakers are bookshelf sized and the sub-woofer is amazingly small yet produces the most liquid of bass responses.

Featuring two dual sonic panel speakers and the beautifully matched twin 5″ sub-woofer, the Akoustos™ Y2 Home Stereo System system offers a range of features for everyone, including Bluetooth connectivity and power to burn.

The AkoustosY2 Home Stereo System can be upgraded to the Akoustos Pro Stereo System at a later date.