Involve Audio Testimonials

The following testimonials are taken from audio forums, chatlines, user groups, customers and were not solicited nor requested in anyway. We wish to thank everyone for their honest opinions and willingness to comment about them in public.

[separator color=’ #000000′ thickness=” up=” down=”] [testimonials background_color=”] [testimonial name=’WOW!’ border=’no’] “My first reaction…WOW. The Surround Master is *not* subtle. This is total immersion into the recording.” Audio Karma – by wma04

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“The SurroundMaster is highly recommended for the absolutely lush way it takes 2 channel music sources and fills the room with surround sound from old or new media. My family loves the way it works.” Audio Karma – by hjames

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“Surround Master combines true circular surround sound with real-time remastering to produce a completely accurate sound experience. Every sound recorded on a track is reproduced in exactly the same location where it was recorded, giving you the sense of actually being there.”  Audio Karma – by PeterS49
[/testimonial] [testimonial name=’I prefer the Surround Master’ border=’no’] “I think I am leaning towards preferring discreet 5.1 channel formats like SACD and DVD-A at this point, but I prefer the Surround Master, to a pretty significant degree, over any of the stereo to surround converting formats I’ve encountered.”  Audio Karma – by exmax
[/testimonial] [testimonial name=’Things that you’ve never heard in a mix’ border=’no’] “That’s part of the fun of the SM — you throw recordings at it and you never know what kind of surprising things that you’ve never heard in a mix will make themselves apparent.” Audio Karma – by 4
[/testimonial] [testimonial name=’Awesome Good!’ border=’no’] “THE SOUND I’M GETTING IS INDECENTLY GOOD !!! WAY OVER THE TOP! MY WIFE IS IMPRESSED.!” Customer –  G. Badger
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“The Involve Surround Master is the best movie decoder I have had in my home! Fantastic movie sound effects and better separation of the five channels than I have heard from the standard Dolby Prologic II and Neo: 6 DSP algorithms built into most home theater receivers.  Customer – Steve M.
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