Involve™ Technology

Involve is a system of encoders and decoders through which stereo sound is passed and then is presented to a listener precisely as it was full surround sound!

In even more technical terms Involve is a 4/5 -> 2 -> 4/5 matrix encode and decode system. It has full circular capabilities, and precise surround sound placement that is as good, and in most cases is noticeably better than discreet multi-channel audio or on-the-fly surround reproduction systems.

  • It is able to decode all known encoding matrices from Dolby®, DTS, QSOUND® etc, as good or better than they do!
  • It is able to extract surround information from existing stereo-only tracks.
  • Involve provides up to 40dB of separation, which means each and every sound is distinct and clear.
  • Involve delivers a true 3D sound stage and extracts the height dimension when recorded correctly.
  • Involve actually extracts more information than was originally present in the discreet channels and does it accurately, further improving the audio experience.
  • The Involve 2 channel down-mix is a perfectly listenable stereo mix, with no indication that there is any additional information for surround sound. This means it can be used as a recording format for TV, CD, VD, broadcast on FM, television, or for the Internet.
  • Involve technology minimizes bandwidth requirements and is more efficient than the competition.

Sweet Spot™ Technology

After years of research and development, Involve Audio has achieved a number of technical breakthroughs dealing with the core physics involved with creating stereo and surround sound.

The second groundbreaking technology Involve Audio has created a patented technology called SweetSpot™.

SweetSpot™ enables the INVOLVE™ surround sound system to be enjoyed by everyone in the room no matter where they are sitting. This eliminates the need to find "the best seat" in the house. 

With Sweet Spot and Involve working together, all of the seats in the room are now in the "same surround sound field" and are presented with the same audio experience.

  • Sweet Spot Technology is NOT a new format, and Stereo, Dolby®, DTS or any other system will benefit from its use.
  • Sweet Spot Technology provides a system that corrects the stereo or surround sound image, so that every person in the audience perceives an accurate sound-stage, with audio placements being consistent for every listener relative to where they are sitting.
  • It is not room dependent and does not require a center speaker.
  • Sweet Spot can used almost anywhere. In cinemas, it solves the issue of everyone having to sit in the middle to get a decent sound. It also reduces or eliminates completely the side speakers so often found in modern cinemas.