Sweet Spot Technology

Sweet Spot is a patented technology that when used with Involve allows all listeners in a room to get a full stereo or surround sound experience!


Sweet Spot technology is the result of decades of experience in sound research and innovative thinking.  It is a solution to a problem which has plagued the sound industry for many years.

The most widely implemented method of trying to correct a stereo image has been to include a center speaker as part of the specification.


Highlights of Sweet Spot Technology

  • Sweet Spot Technology is NOT a new format, and Stereo, Dolby®, DTS or any other system will benefit from its use.
  • Sweet Spot Technology provides a system that corrects the stereo or surround sound image, so that every person in the audience perceives an accurate sound-stage, with audio placements being consistent for every listener relative to where they are sitting.
  • It is not room dependent and does not require a center speaker.
  • Sweet Spot can used almost anywhere. In cinemas, it solves the issue of everyone having to sit in the middle to get a decent sound. It also reduces or eliminates completely the side speakers so often found in modern cinemas.

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