Surround Master V2

Great News!

The Surround Master V2 has started shipping and by the end of June all back orders will be shipped.

Some very early reviews have been received and the feedback is extremely positive. New features such as the ability to hot switch directly between Involve and SQ have been reviewed positively. We would like to thank all those who have placed advance orders and we are doing our absolute best to get your products to you ASAP. 

The Surround Master V2 which is an advance on the original Surround Master is the first of three new products Involve will ship this year. Later in the year the company will ship its new Kaida Reference Speaker which features a new electrostatic panel with ultra wide dispersion, is fully powered and includes bass response down to 26hz. This is a speaker for the true audiophile and can be used in a wide range of applications from studios, where is an outstanding monitor, to high end audiophile system speakers which will outperform practically any other speaker available today. Advance orders can be placed on the website which offers a $USD1000 discount and free shipping.

Later this year Involve Audio will ship the new Y4 Akoustos system which features Involve and Sweet Spot technology. More news will be coming on this product shortly.

All Involve products continue the company’s key philosophy of only releasing products which are “best of breed” and where price performance is unmatched by any other brand.