finance_purchasingInvolve Audio buys a number of items that range from the components used in our high quality stereo systems to tee-shirts and coffee mugs. We are always looking for the best items at the best price to fulfill our manufacturing, marketing and sales requirements and we always welcome new vendor bids.

Involve Audio relies on high quality components, products and services that meet and/or exceed the commonplace standards that are used by other companies.  Our main goal is to source only the best items on the market and provide the highest standard of quality available to our customers.

For more information on the items we are currently looking for, please contact us via email or call us direct to set up a meeting.


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The Akoustos™ Y4 Pro Stereo Sound System



The Akoustos™ Y2 Home Stereo Sound System

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Involve Surround Master and Audio’s Akoustos Stereo Systems are now available in the North America. Click here to order yours today…