Involve™ Studio Encoder/Decoder Studio Rack


Encode all your Music, Videos and Movies in full Surround Sound FREE of royalties and other fees.

Involve is the perfect format in which to encode your music, video or movies as it is a fully circular Surround Sound format which plays perfectly on any stereo device.

This allows you, the sound engineer, to think in terms of Surround Sound but have the download in a stereo format ready for any playback through any medium.

Involve Audio is offering the Involve™ Studio Encoder/Decoder to studios for a special price. Please contact us for more info.

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PE2-Render V1.7



The Involve™ Studio Encoder/Decoder has been designed to enable a recording engineer to precisely record 4 or 5 channels into a fully compatible stereo format that is completely indistinguishable from standard stereo.

The process is an analogue process implemented with digital DSP processing, which is completely lossless, and produces a stereo output of two analogue channels, The Involve surround encoded file can be played on Ipod, radio, TV, CD’s, DVD’s and cable TV with no loss in fidelity, and no apparent loss in channel separation.

The resultant processed and recorded surround format is completely unaffected by file compression techniques and in no way changes the fidelity of the recording when played back in stereo or surround. If you put compressed audio in you will still get the same compressed audio out.