Involve™ Technology


Involve is a system of encoders and decoders through which stereo sound is passed and then is presented to a listener precisely as it was full surround sound!

In even more technical terms Involve is a 4/5 -> 2 -> 4/5 matrix encode and decode system. It has full circular capabilities, and precise surround sound placement that is as good, and in most cases is noticeably better than discreet multi-channel audio or on-the-fly surround reproduction systems.

  • It is able to decode all known encoding matrices from Dolby®, DTS, QSOUND® etc, as good or better than they do!
  • It is able to extract surround information from existing stereo-only tracks.
  • Involve provides up to 40dB of separation, which means each and every sound is distinct and clear.
  • Involve delivers a true 3D sound stage and extracts the height dimension when recorded correctly.
  • Involve actually extracts more information than was originally present in the discreet channels and does it accurately, further improving the audio experience.
  • The Involve 2 channel down-mix is a perfectly listenable stereo mix, with no indication that there is any additional information for surround sound. This means it can be used as a recording format for TV, CD, VD, broadcast on FM, television, or for the Internet.
  • Involve technology minimizes bandwidth requirements and is more efficient than the competition.