Involve Y™ Speakers

Involve Y™ Speakers

Sonic ESP Line

Involve Y™ Speakers

Our Sonic ESP Electrostatic  Speaker Panels have been designed into the Involve Y Speaker version with 2 Sonic ESP panels per speaker and produce an incredibly full sound that’s crisp and clear.

For the first time we can offer a complete sound system with our Involve Y Speakers with both the Akoustos Home Stereo System and Akoustos Pro Surround Systems.


The advantages of electrostatic speaker technology such as clarity, low distortion, speed, unsurpassed impulse decay response are well known.


Our latest high accuracy, high output panel technology can now be produced and sold at a much lower cost than previously available.

Sonic ESP speakerChars

Ultra thin semi transparent appearance thus facilitating new styling approaches.

Broad frequency response from 250Hz – 20+ KHz in one panel thus eliminating multiple costly drivers, crossovers and weight.