General Overview

In addition to its licensing and OEM divisions, Involve Audio provides a number of high-end audio solutions for the consumer market. Our mission is to provide the best stereo and surround sound technology available at a price that’s affordable.

The Involve Audio Akoustos Y4 Surround System and Surround Master systems are now available for purchase and can be ordered direct from our site. More Info

The Akoustos™ Y4 Professional Stereo System (Single or Dual Amp)
This groundbreaking state-of-the-art surround sound system highlights the best of Involve’s technologies. Comes with four (4) Y speakers and one Sonic Sub.

This system will provide you with an elegant looking and incredible sounding entertainment and home theater experience. More Info

The Surround Master ™ Surround Sound System
Now you can turn your old stereo, or even upgrade your old Dolby or other surround sound amplifier, into an Involve surround sound system that produces sound like you have never experienced before. More Info
Involve Encoder
The Involve™ Studio Encoder/Decoder
The Involve Studio Encoder/Decoder has been designed to enable a recording engineer to precisely record 4 or 5 channels into a fully compatible stereo format that is completely indistinguishable from standard stereo. More Info