Sonic ESP™

Sonic Electrostatic Panel (Sonic ESP)

SonicPanelsB-300x180New 5 mm flat panel Sonic ESP™ exclusively for OEM applications.

For many years the advantages of electrostatic speaker technology such as clarity, low distortion, speed, unsurpassed impulse decay response have been well known.

Unfortunately existing technology is typically very expensive, low output, unreliable and generally not suitable for mass production.

Our latest high accuracy, high output panel technology has successfully answered these problems.


For the first time we can offer loudspeaker designers significant advantages such as:

Ultra thin – from 3mm to 6mm in thickness

Semi transparent appearance facilitating new styling approaches

Broad frequency response from 100Hz – 20 KHz in one panel thus eliminating multiple costly drivers, crossovers

High SPL levels – up to 108db per panel.

Ultra-light construction.

High Reliability

Can be delivered as complete kit’s including high voltage polarizer, crossover, step up transformer and panels

Customization service available to fit different applications and specifications

Reduced cost

Involve Audio also offers to OEM’s full training and after market support

Training and sales support

Contact us for more information on pricing and availability.

Check out the Sonic ESP’s in action by listening to our Akoustos™  Y2 and Y4 stereo systems

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Sonic ESP Line