Announcing the Surround Master v2

Announcing the New Surround Master V2

After consulting with a wide variety of end users Involve is pleased to announce the latest version of its Surround Master product line to be shipped from end of March, 2019.  We would like to thank all those who have had input into this product and we know you all enjoy it.

The Surround Master V2 has a host of new features including:

  • Individual Line Control
  • Instant switching between modes including, Involve, 4.1, 5.1, Stereo, and SQ
  • Better LED indications
  • Stylish metal case

However, the incredible sound produced through the Surround Master remains the same. Stereo in and surround sound out.  The clarity, immersive sound and a incredible listening experience is second to none. Whether you are an audiophile, a sound engineer, a regular listener to music, television, games or sports the Surround Master V2 will give you the best possible listening experience.

The Involve technology within the Surround Master V2 separates sound like never before yet allows you to become immersed in the sound experience. One user describes it as “swimming in the music”. You can hear instruments clearly and distinctly where previously they have been masked. The sound is opened up to human hearing through the Surround Master V2 and whatever was recorded will be heard. It neither adds or subtracts from the recording but simply allows you to hear exactly was recorded.

The Surround Master V2 is designed to be added into your HiFi system so you do not have to change your speakers or your amplifiers which is often expensive and not something many users would want to do. You do need to switch your amplifier to pass through mode so it simply amplifies the four or five channels out from the Surround Master V2. Now every stereo input whether it be an old record or a modern movie will be heard in glorious surround sound exactly as it was recorded. Whether it be The Beatles or Game of Thrones you will hear it exactly as it was recorded.

The Surround Master V2 continues to come with the same money back guarantee we attached to the original Surround Master. Everyone at Involve Audio hopes you love this product as much as we loved engineering it for you.  Please let us know what you experience with your Surround Master V2 and we will publish your reviews on our web page.

For technical specifications please click the link below.

First product will be shipped to first adopters at the end of March , 2019.