The Akoustos™ Y4 Professional Stereo System

INVOLVE Akoustos Y4 Surround Sound System

The Akoustos™ Y4 Surround Sound System is the culmination of 6 years of research and development focused on producing a better sound system for the modern world.

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From Stereo to Surround Sound with no corruption or change to the original recording!

The Akoustos system will enhance your listening experience by producing the very best surround sound possible from the standard stereo signal that comes from your television, DVD/CD player, iPod, mobile device, gaming system or any other stereo device.

Most people do not know that most recordings ranging from the Beatles to a modern TV series like Game of Thrones, have surround sound contained within the original recordings, and once you hear them with Involve you will not believe what you have been missing.

film Strip

Enjoy movies?
Imagine sitting in front of your television and listening to sports in superb surround sound, or watching and hearing all your favorite movies in surround sound that’s better than they were at the movie theater. This what the Akoustos™ Y4 Professional Stereo System offers.

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Enjoy music?
The Akoustos™ Y4 Surround Sound System is an audiophiles dream. Many listeners to Involve have remarked it’s like having the master tapes for everything. You will hear and experience much of your favorite music like never before.


Modern styling is another feature of the Akoustos™ Y4 Surround Sound Systems and will enhance the look of any environment.


Akoustos Y4-1 Amplifier

Amplifier Class: AB
THD: Less than 0.1%
OHMS: 4 Ohm Capable
Inputs: Two (2) RCA
Three (3) HDMI
One (1) Bluetooth
Outputs: HDMI, (1) RCA, Headphone
Outside Material: Aluminium Composite
Dimensions: 420mm x 370mm x 110mm
Power RMS: 68W per channel, 680W total
Power Peak: 135W per channel, 1350W total
Weight: 13.5 kg

Y Speaker

ESP Panels: Two (2) Electrostatic Panels
THD: 0.1%
Power RMS: 68W
Power Peak: 135W
Frequency Response: 220hz to greater than 20,000Hz
Outside Material: Aluminium Composite
Dimensions: 335mm x 304mm x 262mm
Weight: 1.5kg


THD:  xx%
Power RMS: 68W
Power Peak: 135W
Dual Drivers: Two (2) 5’ Long throw cones
Frequency Response: 40hz to greater than 220hz
Outside Material: Aluminium Composite
Dimensions: 335mm x 263mm x 263mm
Weight: 8.5kg


AkoustosSound Systems…The New Shape of Sound!