The Company

Involve Audio Pty Ltd. (Melbourne Australia) was established in 2009. The company’s goal was to develop a new surround sound standard that is noticeably better and more cost effective than traditional Dolby® and other surround sound solutions that have been on the market for over 35 years.

Involve Audio, Inc. has created a number of surround sound technologies that are capable of replacing every current form of surround sound technology currently on the market. This technology increases the user’s listening experience while decreasing the provider’s production and delivery costs.

This combination provides the greatest value proposition for manufacturers of home theater systems, TV’s, gaming consoles, car stereos and music equipment.

The Technology

After years of research and development, Involve Audio has achieved a number of technical breakthroughs dealing with the core physics involved with creating stereo and surround sound that can be summarized as follows.

Involve Audio has created a patent pending process called INVOLVE™ by which a full surround sound experience can be created from any stereo source including Television, Internet, mobile devices, iPods, records, etc without adding or subtracting any signals to, or from, the original sound tracks.

2. SweetSpot™
Involve Audio has created a patent pending technology called SweetSpot™ that enables their INVOLVE™ surround sound system to be enjoyed by everyone in the room no matter where they are, eliminating the need to find the best seat in the house. All the seats in the room are now in the same surround sound field and provide the same audio experience.